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What is Open The Door Scunthorpe?
You have to find a key and escape the locked room using only your cleverness, ingenuity and imagination before the time is up. Make the best use of your skills of observation, deduction, inquisitiveness and putting the facts together in order to succeed. You must thoroughly search every corner of the room, examine every item, collect and analyse all clues and most importantly - connect them all. Teamwork is crucial in finding the key. Make sure to collect all the items in the room then precisely decide what they can be used for. Solving the riddles leads to decipher the most important code and find the main key. So lets open the door!
Will I enjoy this?
Absolutely yes! There’s a reason live escape games have been taking the world by storm! Open The Door is a excellent experience that you won’t forget in a hurry! Ideal for memory making, if you’re looking for unforgettable entertainment and something a little different this is the activity for you!
How to book a game?
Making a reservation is possible via our website, under the „Games & Booking” tab ( or by phone on number + 44 01724 857828.
Is it possible to play in larger teams than 6?
According to our rules 2-6 players can participate into the game. Exceptions can be made, but must be confirmed by the Open The Door crew before booking.
What happens when we wish to leave the room before the end of the game?
For your safety the whole game is watched by a member of the Open The Door Crew through a camera from outside the room. If you have any reasons to stop the game or leave the room, you just need to give us a visible sign and we will let you out any time.
What happens if we can not get out of the room in time?
You will be asked if you want to know the solution of the riddles left or if you would like to try it again at a different time.
How much is the cost of a game?
The costs are dependent on the amount of players. The price per person gets cheaper the more players are participating.

£40/group of 2 players (£20/person)
£48/group of 3 players (£16/person)
£60/group of 4 players (£15/person)
£70/group of 5 players (£14/person)
£78/group of 6 players (£13/person)

How can i pay?
Payments can be made by cash or voucher, at the end of the game.
Are the riddles of the rooms always the same, or do they get changed from time to time?
Some details are changing but more or less the structure and conceptions of the rooms remain the same. Teams who didn’t escape first time can try to play the game again. If we offer a new room, you will be informed through our Homepage and Facebook.
When I need to be there?
You should be there 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time in order to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and listen to the introduction through the Open The Door Crew.
What should I wear to play the game?
No special clothing is necessary, it is best to wear something comfortable.
Which language is needed to play the game?
All content design in english language, but we can moderate game in Polish also.
Is it possible to cancel or postpone a booked game?
Yes, but please inform us as early as possible about it (at least 24 h before).
How to buy a voucher?
The voucher can be purchased directly at our office or be ordered by email and paid via PayPal.
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